Best six

Most men are always looking for new ways to pleasure their woman in bed.

1. Explore your wife's sexual potentials

2. Tease your wife. Anticipation makes the act even more pleasurable.

3. Explore your wife's fantasies

4. Listen to your wife. Give more than you take.

5. Don't play by any rules. Create your own world. Do what works for you . . . what excites and satisfies your wife.

6. Mind your wife.

Understand her body language. Be there when she needs you. You will notice that these sex tips do not say anything about sex positions or even the procedure or method of sexual intercourse, as most experts do. The reason is simple. Sexual positions and 'special methods' of sexual intercourse suggested by sex experts are not the things that lead to sexual satisfaction. Sexual satisfaction and better sex are emotions that your wife feels after sexual intercourse. They have nothing to do with your sexual positions. In fact, many 'state of the art' sexual positions recommended by sex merchants are far from practical. Don't waste your time. The six sex tips above are really all your need to satisfy your wife sexually. Look at it this way. Your wife is your customer. To keep her coming again and again, you need to satisfy her yearnings, her wishes, her wants and desires. And more importantly, you need to see things from her perspective. No matter how well intentioned you are, you won't satisfy her sexually if you don't listen to her and see sex from her perspective. Remember . . . she is your customer. And the customer is king.
Offer her what she asks
Listen more than you talk
See things from her perspective
Tease her
Break the rules
Explore her fantasies
Live for her
Be present when she needs you She will love you for it. And . . . she will keep asking for more. That's sexual satisfaction. Never again will you have to worry about her looking elsewhere.

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