How to Create a Good Hair Care Routine for Men?

Whether you're more of the "Classic" type or into the latest and trendiest hairstyles, a thorough yet simple hair care routine is critical to keeping your manly locks looking great.

Choose a nice, soothing aromatic shampoo that is appealing to one's taste. The flavor doesn't matter, as long as the shampoo is ph balanced to ensure clean and healthy hair. Shampooing daily with the rinse and repeat instructions is not a ploy to sell more products. A second shampoo gets the job done. The first shampoo prepares the scalp to be throughly cleaned by loosening up all the "cool" products that make hair look and feel great!

Gently massage your scalp as you shampoo. Use the balls of the fingertips in a "spider doing push-ups" fashion. This is an often skipped part of everyone's hair care routine. It's too bad because toning for a few minutes -- even after shampooing, not only feels great, but helps the scalp release natural oils from one's sebaceous glands (that's a good thing). There's no special way to massage, although, try to avoid a circular pattern on long hair. Most of the oil is near the scalp. If no conditioner is to follow, gently towel dry the hair by squeezing to avoid tangles. A light, BB-sized dab of a moisturizing conditioner works miracles.

Moisturize your hair. Conditioner is an essential hair product if your hair is dry. An herbal rinse is better for those with oily hair. You can make both products yourself but they can be purchased for a few dollars at any popular pharmacy or salon supply store.

Groom: Get the right tools. You'll likely need the following:
*brush (natural bristles are best)
*comb (wide-toothed if you have curly hair)

Find a comfortable style that you can easily maintain on your own daily in less than five minutes. The better you know hair products, the faster you'll get your hair done

Don't be cheap about the styling products. Cheap ones will either dry out your hair or grease it up. Find good quality gel, pomade, mousse, and whichever other products that are best for your hair type. They may be a bit expensive, but you only need to use a little to do a lot.

Get regular haircuts and trims from your trusted barber.

Massage your scalp with your fingertips or the pads of your fingers--not with your fingernails

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