Samsung 6 and 7 LED TVs

From its pebble stone like remote control to the television set itself. Not only are the two new Series 6 and 7 LED TVs thin (1.2″) but are also superior in just about every other way imaginable. Instead of multiple parts molded together, these LED TVs are one solid, piece of advanced technology, elegantly supported by a unique crystal neck.
Particularly impressive is the spec that Samsung have been able to cram into these 12″ “Crystal TVs”, the Series 7 for example boasts built in woofer, gaming mode, a range of connectivities including internet tv, wireless LAN, 2x USB, DTV tuner, 4x HDMI and weighs round about 22.2 kg. The LED range is no exception to sporting luxurious features such as Mega Contrast Ratio, Wide Colour Enhancer Pro with LED Gamut and 100Hz Motion Plus technology, all of which assists in delivering the best and most vibrant detail and colours possible.

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