Secrets to Sending Your Lover Into Overdrive

1. The Element of Surprise
Ok, so you're both used to Sunday morning when the kids are glued to the cartoons, or Friday evenings when you know you can both have a bit of a lie in.
Well how about mounting a surprise attack?
Shuffle the kids off to the grandparents or the neighbours, and pretend that you're expecting guests. At the last minute explain to your spouse that they have cancelled, and then proceed to act inappropriately.
Ladies pin him to the couch. Gentlemen caress her from behind and take her then and there.
Don't just leave it to the evenings, try mornings or afternoons, in the shower in the garden, in the kitchen. Just do something different and make sure it's a surprise!
2. Introduce new Sensations
Can you imagine the feel of cool yet soft silk on your skin? The cold of a leather strap or ice cube?
Instead of the usual grope and fumble in the dark, change the sensations!
Introduce some heat.. sip some warm water and then proceed to her nether regions. The warmth of your mouth will drive her wild.
Take some ice-cream and drop it onto his body. Proceed to lick it off very slowly.
If you're worried about the mess, simply book a hotel room.
3. Give them a Tantric Massage
Ok you may be thinking - 'Well I touch them intimately anyway!'
But ask yourself how you really touch your lover's body.
*Is it a quick grope?
*Are you completely focused on them?
*Can you describe how their skin feels?
*Have you touched their genitals in a very slow and sensual way?
Probably Not.

But there's no time like the present to learn the Art of Sensual Massage. It will send your pleasure and orgasm intensity through the roof, as is a great way to spoil, indulge and pamper your lover, not to mention a great way to increase the intimacy in your relationship.
4. Take the Time to Kiss
The Kama Sutra has listed 19 different types of kissing. So keep this in mind before you give him or her a sloppy wet one, lacking any passion or finesse.
Focus on each of the lips, explore their mouth, alternate between light caresses and more intense pressure. The Kama Sutra also states that sucking on the lower lip, results in stimulation the clitoris. The lips are sensitive, so less is always more, especially where the ladies are concerned.
Remember variety is important.
5. Tie Me Up - Tie Me Down
Granted this is not for everyone, and requires trust between lovers.
So if you are comfortable with your lover / spouse, then a bit of 'Power Indulgence' could just be right for you
The essence of Bondage is that one person is in control and the other person is to be completely indulged. The thrills come from one partner being able to do what ever they like to the submissive person, and the submissive person surrendering to the other and allowing themselves to be completely pleasured.
Speak to your lover about your thoughts or concerns, and exactly what and how much you're comfortable with.
So there you have it ladies and gents, 5 exciting ways to add the sizzle into your bedroom. So relax and have fun, talk and discuss things with your lover, and always ask for feedback!

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