Smoking and Drinking are Sources of Male Sexual Health Disruptions

Studies published by the medical and health community are unanimous. As much as forty percent of men in North America experience some form of sexual health dysfunction. Because many men refuse to face the truth, several experts believe the true figure to be much higher.

Health diseases, such as cholesterol, hypertension and diabetes, are common causes for erectile dysfunctions. However, lifestyle choices like drinking and smoking are also a major factor causing sexual health disruptions and are often overlooked. In reality, drinking and smoking have a negative effect on the normal flow of blood and directly interfere with male sexual performance.

Various studies have established a direct correlation between a quality sex life and a healthy blood flow. While diet, exercise and appropriate supplements effectively promote the sexual performance of men by maintaining and enhancing their level of libido, sperm production and motility and sexual activity, they do not guarantee positive results for people who smoke and drink large quantities of on a daily basis. Not to mention men that consume drugs such as cocaine, heroine and ecstasy which interfere even more with their blood flow or their stamina.

A recent study conducted by the Section of Endocrinology of the Lahey Hitchcock Medical Center, Burlington, Massachusetts, revealed that smoking causes an important reduction in the number of spontaneous erections occuring during sleep. These erections are one of the most significant indication of a quality blood flow and good sexual health. A drop in the frequency or intensity of erections indicate a risk that some form of erectile dysfunction may develop in the short run. The study has also shown that refraining from smoking for as little as 24 hours brought about a dramatic increase in the quality of spontaneous erections. Needless to say, smoking also has several other "side effects" such as high blood pressure and lung cancer.

Another study conducted by the Department of Psychiatry from the University Medical School of Lubeck, Germany, concluded that heavy drinkers suffer more often from erectile dysfunction than those having an occasional drink. Alcohol tends to induce a pleasant state of relaxation and is generally thought to have a positive effect on the libido. Nothing is further from the truth. It is a suppressant and has a major negative impact on the libido. It also reduces the ability for men to achieve and maintain a quality erection.

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