Top ten sex tips

Here's the top ten sex tips.Use it at your own discretion.Remember ... this is only a demonstration.Please, no wagering.

10. Commit to fitness
As your fitness level increases, so does the amount of sex you’re likely to have and the enjoyment you get from it. When researchers at the University of California, San Diego, enrolled healthy but sedentary men in their late 40s in a strenuous aerobics class for nine months, the men reported an increase libido, more frequent sex, more satisfying sex and fewer sexual problems.
9. Don’t smoke
Smoking accelerates the cell damage that leads to the arterial clogging responsible for heart disease. That includes the penile arteries, some of the smallest in the body, meaning that less blood can enter the organ. Less blood means greater risk of erection impairment.
8. Eat less animal fat and cholesterol
Like smoking, a diet high in animal fat and cholesterol may clog the arteries, including the ones that carry blood into the penis. Researchers at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine studied 3,250 men ages 25 to 83. Those with the highest cholesterol levels reported the most erection impairment.
7. Drink moderately
In Macbeth, Shakespeare wrote that alcohol, used worldwide as a bedroom aid, “provokes the desire, but...takes away the performance.” If people of average weight drink more than two beers, cocktails or glasses of wine in an hour, alcohol becomes a powerful central-nervous-system depressant that interferes with erection and brewers droop can follow. Drink too much, and all you’ll do in the prone position is pass out.
6. Eat more fruits and vegetables
Plant foods are rich in both fiber and antioxidant nutrients, which help prevent the cell damage that narrows the arteries and increases risk of heart disease and erection impairment.
5. Manage your stress
Stress is a major contributor to sex problems at any age. Reduce stress, and you’ll have more fun in bed. In addition to regular exercise, try meditation, biofeedback, massage, yoga and listening to music.
4. Get enough sleep
A recent report from Australia and New Zealand shows that sleep deprivation causes as much sexual performance impairment as drunkenness. If you’re reeling from lack of sleep, you’re less likely to get it on in bed and more apt to slip into slumber.
3. Be open to sexual experimentation
No, you don’t have to do it while skydiving. But sexual ruts can be libido and erection killers. Try something different. Make love in a different place, at a different time, in a different way. Enjoy a romantic getaway weekend. Try incorporating a vibrator or some other sex toy into your lovemaking.
2. Nurture your relationship
Do bachelors really get more sex than spoken-for men? No way. In the University of Chicago’s Sex in America survey, married and cohabitating men had sex considerably more often than single guys. If you want more sex, find someone to have it with on a long-term basis.
And the number one...
1. Extend foreplay
There are two compelling reasons for this. First, women prefer playful, whole-body, massage-style caresses to the old wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am. In addition, as you get older, it will take longer for you to raise erections and become fully aroused. If you’re experienced with extended foreplay, you’ll have more fun too

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