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Hand's up - those of you who thought foreplay was just that 'Before Play', i.e. not the real deal. Many of us rush through foreplay with a few kisses, gropes and fumbles - if you're lucky! 15 minutes later it's all over and it's the rush to orgasm and roll over.
If you are one of those people, then you could be missing a whole chuck of the seduction, arousal, and climax process. Getting foreplay right - makes the journey more fun, pleasure more intense - and orgasm - well - just MIND BLOWING. If you want to be an expert, or atleast the desire to 'fake' expert lover status, now's the time to get your notebook out.

India : Home of the Kama Sutra

1. The small of a woman's back really is very sensitive. It's even mentioned in the Kama Sutra. Take the time to gently kiss this area.

2. The lower lip is supposed to be connected to the clittoris. Gentlemen - get sucking!

3. A man's Perinuem (the spot between the Testes and Anus) is referred to as the 'Sacred Spot'. Use gentle and rythmic pressure on this spot to increase his arousal.

4. Hands on a woman - are an important erogenous zone in their own right! Start by kissing her hand, the fingers and her palm, and then slowly suck on one of her fingers. We think the pinky works best!

5. The triangular patch of skin on the underside of the penis head is incredibly sensitive to touch. Rubbing this area with the hand, or tongue will create great sensations.


6. Don'f forget to kiss her neck, as well as the back of the neck. Start with the back of the neck, and then turn and face your woman, and kiss the sides of the neck. The sides of the neck are more sensitve so it's best to work your way slowly there.

7. The inner thighs - for both sexes, are very sensitive. A great place to rub gently, kiss slowly or nibble

8. Some of us are blessed with incrediblly sensitive ears - so make the most of this! Don't chew or knaw - just start by gently sucking on them, followed by a gentle nibble.


9. A litte ice on a nipple - never hurt anyone! Give him or her (especially her) a variation on the suck and slobber. Gently rub some ice over the nipple for a few minutes, and then apply your hot warm mouth over the cold errect nipple. Lovely.

10. The slippery slide effect. Get hot warm oil over naked partner and gently rub self over the body. This works best if the slide is slooowww...and luxurious

11. Keep some clothes on! This may seem a bit strange, but leaving a few clothes on (until the very very end) can make the sensations more relaxing and sensual and the excitement so powerfull!


12. Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot. Take a few sips of some warm liquid.., and then place mouth over his or her nether regions, to give an amazing warm sensation

13. Don't forget the boys! Many women over look the Scrotum - as it seems to be overshadowed by an errection. Apply firm yet gentle finger tip pressure (in circles) now and again, and especially just before take off.


14. Women love having their breasts massaged - and never ceases to amaze me how often men forget about this. Before rushing to suck and slobber, stop and pay homage to the lovely beauties, by gently massaging for atleast 10 minutes

15. Male chests have feelings too! A gentle layering of kisses and nibbles will always be appreciated


16. Men - if you're worried about lasting the night - a bit of garlic, chilli and ginseng should do the trick

17. Smell heightens the senses! And that means more pleasure and arousal. After bathing, apply small drops of perfume/cologne to the following areas: behind the ears, sides of the belly, tailbone, and behind the knees. Don't ask me why - but it's supposed to work.


18. Men - relieve yourself before hand, if you're worried about premature take off. You be less stressed, more aroused, and will last much longer.
19. When going down on a woman - don't forget the neighbours! Do not lunge straight for the clittoris, it looks very amateurish. Gently lick and nibble the lips, the pubic mound, and inner thighs. Wait atleast 15 minutes before approaching her clit.
2o. The skin underneath a woman's breat is very sensitive to a loving kiss and nibble.


21. Kissing a woman's back - from the neck down - is send to stir up wild passions!
22. Men should drink a glass of warm milk before a long night. This is said to increase stamina.
23. Women allow your hair to flow over his body and manhood as you kiss and work your way down. This creates a tingling sensual experience

South Africa

24. Suck the tip of the tongue. This is a very sensitive area. Best done inbetween gentle warm up kissing.

25. As her to ride your fingers. This has the effect of loosening a woman's body, and is a great turn on!
26. Kiss his or her eyelids - of course very gently! This is very soothing, and relaxing


27. Nibble and suck on her toes - to heighten clittoral sensations
28. Place hands around penis and move slowly up and down the shaft, and finish off with a gentle massage of the head.


29.Massage him or her ...with or without oil.. Erotic Massage relaxes the body, heightens sensitivity and arousal, and is of course very pleasureable

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