Iphone Killers

The Iphone has become one of the most popular mobile phone in the world. Its popularity has crossed international waters and has reached all corners of the world. And since we live in a capitalist world, people will capitalize on this success and launch their own version of the popular gadget in hopes “killing” the current Iphone and becoming the next one in the process.

It has been tried countless of times but the Iphone has always battled its way free from these “killers” and turning the tables on them. No mobile phone has succeeded in their goal of replacing the Iphone but the there have been some that have come agonizingly close. HTC Magic might be one such “killer.”

HTC Magic’s Good Points

This Taiwan- based communicator manufacturer’s mobile phone is something that can give the Iphone a run for its money. First of all, the HTC Magic weighs less than the Iphone, weighing 118g as opposed to the Iphone’s 133g. This is certainly a plus for the Magic but is not a deal breaker for the Iphone.

Secondly, the HTC Magic has a lot more camera-related capabilities than the Iphone, which is limited to taking still photos. The Magic is equipped with a 3.2 megapixel camera that has auto focus, a secondary camera and also some video capturing capabilities.

Third, its Android operating system is definitely a plus for the Magic. This mobile phone operating system certainly rivals that of other systems like Mac OSX or the symbian. It is able to access a range of Google services that include Google Maps, Youtube, Google mail, and Google searches.

Fourth, it also comes in a very sleek and stylish look that can at least be considered as at par with the look of the Iphone.

Where the HTC Magic can improve

Where the HTC Magic can improve by adding a few other features including a 3.5-millimeter jack for the headset, and more internal memory. Although 3G speeds are fast, the HTML browser interface is not as impressive and could certainly use some refinements. Also, the camera editing capabilities of the Mobile Phone is sub par and could really have used an upgrade.

The HTC Magic is a good effort on the side of HTC but as an Iphone “Killer,” it still has a lot of ground to cover in order to be spoken in the same breadth as the incredibly resilient Iphone. It is a good step forward but HTC can do a better job at taking a stab at Iphone’s market. Fix all the problems of this mobile phone and maybe, it will stand the chance to at least dent Iphone sales.

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